Land of Misfit Teens -- Available Now

Amelia MacDonald liked her life.

Her parents were both teachers, which most kids would find annoying, but Amelia liked it just fine. Her mom taught advanced mathematics at her high school, and her dad taught English Literature at a local university. Sure, her family was quirky -- with her 'Da' being Scottish and a bit on the Geek Chic side -- and her mom was actually fun to hang out with -- but that was the way she liked it. 

Then everything changed. Fast.

Her mom died, her family broke. If that wasn't bad enough, the university where her father taught literally shut down without enough students to keep it open. Everything she thought her senior year -- her life -- would be just disappeared.

Now, she and her Da are trying to rebuild their lives with only 2/3rds of their family. She's in a new school where quirky isn't cool, and it's even more uncool when your father is the new English teacher and he's unlike any teacher any kid at this school has ever seen. 

She could try to be like everyone else, try to blend in as best as any 'new kid' can, but that's not Amelia. She's more likely to take the stage at the first school assembly and announce, "Hey! I'm Amelia MacDonald! I speak Scottish Gaelic, I read the entire works of William Shakespeare when I was in fifth grade, my dad is your new teacher, and if you don't like it... tough!"

Taking a stand makes her plenty of enemies, but by Christmas her senior year, she's also made the kinds of friends who will last her a lifetime. They all live in the Land of Misfit Teens, but at least they live there together.
Be Mused -- An Amusing Anthology

Muses are fickle creates, sprinkling inspiration on their wards as they see fit.

They live in a world just right of center from ours, and to them, we're just the day job. Muses need lives too, you know.

Enjoy this collection of stories compiled by several authors at Desert Breeze Publishing that will give you some insight into the world of the ethereal creatures who inspire the arts. 

Contributing Authors:
          J. Morgan
          Katie Charles
          Stephanie Burkhart
          Nicole Zoltack
          Sandra Sookoo

Available now from Desert Breeze PublishingAmazon for KindleBarnes & Noble for the NookSonyKoboBooks on BoardAll Romance eBooks, and the Apple iBookstore for the iPad
Dreams -- Available Now

Jamie’s family has been broken since she was ten years old, and she was placed with her aunt and uncle who were childless on purpose. As much as they thought they hid their resentment for the "obligation", she knew.

When Jamie turns eighteen, she decides to take her life -- and her trust fund -- in hand and find her own way. She leaves Florida for New York to pursue her dreams at Clarkmore University.

In the first week, she meets roommates Scott Scotch and Duncan Buchanan. One is the perfect boy for her, the other is his roommate... problem is, Jamie doesn't quite see at first which is which. She also meets Professor Drew Bond, who becomes so much more than just a teacher of anthropology to her, but a mentor, a friend, a confidant, and in many ways the father figure she has missed for the last eight years. 

Jamie has this image in her mind of the perfect family, the picture perfect life. But pictures can be faked. Perfect is what you make it. Perfect isn't always obvious, and it takes a severe reality check and a moment of heartbreak like none she's felt in ten years to make Jamie see what has been in front of her all along.