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Book no.1

Land of Misfit Teens

Amelia MacDonald liked her life.

Then everything changed. Fast.

Her mom died, her family broke. Everything she thought her senior year -- her life -- would be just disappeared.

Now, she and Da are trying to rebuild their lives with only two-thirds of their family. She's in a new school where quirky isn't cool, and it's even more uncool when your father is the new English teacher and he's unlike any teacher any kid at this school has ever seen.

She could try to be like everyone else, try to blend in as best as any 'new kid' can, but that's not Amelia.



Jamie’s family has been broken since she was ten years old, and she was placed with her aunt and uncle who were childless on purpose.

When Jamie turns eighteen, she decides to take her life -- and her trust fund -- in hand and find her own way. She leaves Florida for New York to pursue her dreams at Clarkmore University.

Jamie has this image in her mind of the perfect family, the picture perfect life. But pictures can be faked. Perfect is what you make it. Perfect isn't always obvious, and it takes a severe reality check and a moment of heartbreak like none she's felt in ten years to make Jamie see what has been in front of her all along.


The Hand You're Dealt

Lori Johnson begins college with the hope of being just another freshman. Some kids like to stand out from the crowd, but Lori wants to blend in. She spent much of high school being the unwanted center of attention, accused of "faking" a painful disease.

If only that were true.

Life goes on, and as much as she tries her best to avoid the inevitable, the day comes when she can't hide her pain any longer.


Lori has learned to stand on her own two feet -- even when she needs a cane to do it -- and she will continue to hold her head high. 

Book no.2
Book no.3


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