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A Dream Come True

Forgive me if I stutter...

Not all authors do this, but those that do can empathize with me. In each novel I've written I had a particular actor in mind for one of the characters. In Land of Misfit Teens, the inspiration for Da was David Tennant. In Dreams, Doctor Bond was inspired by Tom Hiddleston


I would imagine any author who has done the same would love the opportunity to tell that famous inspiration just how much they helped breathe life into that character. I never imagined I would have that kind of amazing opportunity.


In June of 2013, my parents and their best friends went to ComicCon in San Diego while I stayed home to babysit the other family's children. I heard rumors Tom Hiddleston would be at ComicCon, and let me tell you, I was so annoyed I couldn't be there when he took stage as Loki!


Then something amazing happened. My mom and aunt, because she's so close she might as well be family, called me on Saturday night. They had managed to get two tickets for the NerdHQ panel event "A Conversation with Tom Hiddleston" the following day. My dad drove all the way home from San Diego to watch the children so I could meet up with my mom and go. I know they were bummed they could only get the two tickets, and my aunt is just amazing for letting me go.


So,while everyone else stood up and asked questions about acting, or favorite rolls, or the like... I just wanted to tell him one thing. 


Watch the video to see how it went.


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